Tips For Helping An Aging Parent Adjust To Adult Day Care


Adult day care can be a great thing for senior citizens and their adult children who are often their caregivers. It prevents grown children from having to place their parents in a full-time assisted living facility and allows them to go about their lives and careers. By watching adults for several hours each day, adult day care fulfills an essential role in society. Elderly people can get the most out of this new part of their lives when help is offered in the adjustment process.

6 June 2016

Benefits Of Adult Day Care


An adult day care center is a place where caregivers can bring adults who can't safely be left alone and have them be properly cared for. As with day care centers for children, these centers fill the day with activities and serve meals, but some of these centers also provide at least a certain amount of medical care as well. There are a number of benefits for those who make use of an adult day care center.

10 May 2016

Nursing Home Etiquette: 4 Things You Need To Know When Visiting A Loved One


If you have a loved one who has recently moved into a nursing home or other form of senior housing, there's a good chance you're looking forward to visiting him or her in the near future. Before you decide to just drop in, however, there are some important etiquette guidelines you'll want to keep in mind—not just this time, but every time you visit. Ask Permission to Visit First of all, never assume that your loved one will be thrilled about a "

28 April 2016

How To Limit Your Senior Housing's Liability Against Personal Injury Slip And Fall Claims


If you run a senior housing facility, protecting the well-being of your residents is important to you. However, in addition to wanting to genuinely keep them safe, you may also wish to look out for their well-being so you can avoid an accident. If a senior citizen slips and falls on your property, they may be able to file a personal injury claim. Here are a few ways you can reduce your liability against personal injury claims for senior citizens who use walkers in your senior housing facility.

14 April 2016

Assisted Living: It's Never Too Early To Plan


Most people don't give a thought to assisted living plans until they are in their twilight years. However, assisted living facilities aren't just for the elderly. If you suffer from an accident or injury that leaves you unable to live alone, you will likely move to an assisted living facility so you can retain some of your independence. If you wait to determine how to pay for your expenses until it's time to find an assisted living facility for yourself or your spouse, your family will likely bear the cost unless you have planned ahead.

13 April 2016

How Technology Can Improve Your Elderly Loved One's Care


If you are in charge of an elderly loved one or family member, you may find yourself in a difficult and unfamiliar situation. Making sure that your loved one is getting the care they need in their home and is safe if and when they are left on their own can leave you feeling simultaneously drained and as if you are not doing enough. Get to know more about geriatric care and the ways in which the use of technology can improve your elderly loved one's care.

8 April 2016

Tips For Affording An Assisted Living Apartment


If you are an older adult who is no longer able to live completely on your own without help, you might be thinking about assisted living. Assisted living apartments are in senior communities where help is available for things like preparing your meals, cleaning your home, and even receiving some limited nursing care services. Unfortunately, the apartments can also be quite expensive. These tips will help you afford your assisted living apartment.

6 April 2016

What's The Difference Between A Memory Care Facility And A Nursing Home?


If you're caring for an aging family member or loved one with dementia, you may have heard the term "memory care." While many people have some idea what memory care is, not everyone knows the difference between a memory care facility and a standard nursing home. These answers to frequently asked questions will help you decide for yourself if memory care is right for your loved one. What's the difference between a memory care facility and a nursing home?

22 March 2016

3 Ways To Provide Support For An Elderly Parent With Osteoporosis


If your elderly parent was diagnosed with osteoporosis, then you should look into available resources for this condition. Osteoporosis causes your bones to become brittle and weak. This condition affects 54 million Americans over the age of 50. It puts them at risk for a fracture that could decrease quality of life. Here three ways to support an elderly parent with osteoporosis. Take Advantage of Home Care Services In-home services provide customized services that allows a person with osteoporosis to live at home safely.

22 March 2016

3 Ways To Successfully Recover From Hip Replacement Surgery


If you are experiencing pain and discomfort in your hip, then you may be considering hip replacement surgery. This surgical procedure removes the hip joint with arthritis and replaces it with an artificial joint. Studies show that joint replacements can significantly increase mobility and relieve pain in 90 percent of patients. It is important to follow your surgeon's instruction to recover from surgery within a reasonable time. Here are three ways to successfully recover from hip replacement surgery.

18 March 2016