Refuting A Few Myths About Indepedent Living Facilities


Individuals that have started to develop mobility issues may find it difficult for them to live their normal lives. Sadly, this can potentially lead to a number of health and emotional problems for individuals. Luckily, there are independent living facilities that can be a perfect solution for allowing individuals that are suffering from these issues to live fulfilling lives. To help you evaluate this option, it will be necessary to have a few common myths refuted.

Myth: Independent Living Facilities And Nursing Homes Provide The Same Services

Many individuals may be under the impression that an independent living facility is the same as a nursing home. While these facilities may resemble nursing homes, they actually provide a different type of service. Typically, independent living facilities are for individuals that may have difficulty moving around and performing some daily tasks, such as bathing and cooking, but they will not require intense medical care. For individuals that will need regular medical care at the facility, it will be necessary to opt for a nursing home because these facilities are staffed with trained and licensed nurses so that patients get the care that they need.

Myth: Residents Will Be Very Restricted In What Activities They Can Do

There is a frequent concern among some people that the quality of life in an independent living facility will not be that high due to a lack of social interaction and entertainment activities. Luckily, this is not the case as many of these facilities provide residents with a full calendar of events and classes that they can attend if they so choose. By reviewing the social activity calendar, you will be able to determine whether the facility provides the right activities for your needs. To make it easier to compare the options of each potential facility, you should request a copy of this calendar so that you can review it before you make a final choice.  

Myth: You Will Always Have To Pay The Full Price Of These Services Out Of Your Own Pocket

It can be no secret that an independent living facility can be somewhat expensive. As a result, some people will avoid seriously considering this option due to concerns about paying for it. However, it needs to be observed that many insurance policies will carry at least partial coverage for these services. The coverage limits and requirements can vary from one policy and provider to another. However, it will often be necessary to have a recommendation from a doctor for you to enter an independent living facility before approving your claim.

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10 November 2016

Recognizing Great Nursing Home Amenities

When I started looking for a care center for my mother, I decided that I needed to learn a little more about nursing home amenities. I wanted her to be in a safe, happy, fun place, but I didn't know what to look for. To make my search easier, I picked up a piece of paper and a pen and started calling different facilities. I made a list of all of the exciting, new features that places were offering, and then I showed the list to my mom. I let her decide where to stay and what she wanted to do. This blog is all about recognizing great nursing home amenities, so that you can keep the people that you love happy and content.