Recognizing Great Nursing Home Amenities

Myths About Memory Diseases You May Need Dispelled

20 Jan

There are a variety of conditions that can have profound impacts on a person’s mental health. Sadly, there is ample misinformation and misconceptions that are fairly common, which may impact your ability to make informed treatment decisions. Myth: Memory Diseases Only Impact The Elderly It is common for individuals to make the assumption that memory […]

Refuting A Few Myths About Indepedent Living Facilities

10 Nov

Individuals that have started to develop mobility issues may find it difficult for them to live their normal lives. Sadly, this can potentially lead to a number of health and emotional problems for individuals. Luckily, there are independent living facilities that can be a perfect solution for allowing individuals that are suffering from these issues […]

Tips For Helping An Aging Parent Adjust To Adult Day Care

06 Jun

Adult day care can be a great thing for senior citizens and their adult children who are often their caregivers. It prevents grown children from having to place their parents in a full-time assisted living facility and allows them to go about their lives and careers. By watching adults for several hours each day, adult […]

Benefits Of Adult Day Care

10 May

An adult day care center is a place where caregivers can bring adults who can’t safely be left alone and have them be properly cared for. As with day care centers for children, these centers fill the day with activities and serve meals, but some of these centers also provide at least a certain amount […]

Assisted Living: It’s Never Too Early To Plan

13 Apr

Most people don’t give a thought to assisted living plans until they are in their twilight years. However, assisted living facilities aren’t just for the elderly. If you suffer from an accident or injury that leaves you unable to live alone, you will likely move to an assisted living facility so you can retain some […]

Tips For Affording An Assisted Living Apartment

06 Apr

If you are an older adult who is no longer able to live completely on your own without help, you might be thinking about assisted living. Assisted living apartments are in senior communities where help is available for things like preparing your meals, cleaning your home, and even receiving some limited nursing care services. Unfortunately, […]