Have A Loved One With Dementia? Two Reasons To Enlist Memory Care Services


Dementia is one of those crippling, degenerative ailments that can gradually cause a person you once felt like you knew to seem like a totally different individual. The abnormal brain changes that come along with dementia could lead to loss of memory and problem-solving abilities, two cognitive functions that assist with daily life. Watching a loved one suffer through such severe disease is often quite brutal, sometimes making you feel completely unable to be of assistance. If you have a relative who is in the throes of dementia, find out how memory care services can help.

Memory Care Service Centers Help To Prevent Wandering 

One of the biggest fears faced by people who care for someone with dementia is the possibility that the afflicted person could wander. The Alzheimer's Association estimates that as many as six out of ten people with dementia will wander at least one time. This is a staggering figure because even a single episode of wandering could have fatal consequences. 

It may be a lot easier for dementia patients to wander when they are in a traditional household. As much as you may try to keep the doors as secure as possible, it truly doesn't take much for your loved one to get out of the house while you are asleep. It would be absolutely devastating to wake up to find an empty bed when you thought you had tucked everyone in for the night.

Memory service centers are usually built with an eye toward mitigating the risk of wandering. There is always someone there to keep a watchful eye on the patients to ensure that everyone is safe during every moment of the day.

Don't Let Guilt Become A Problem

It's not always easy to deal with the emotional fluctuations that come from being a caregiver. Caregiver's guilt is a very real phenomenon and you may be battling that within yourself. You truly care about your loved one but there could be times when you feel frustrated because of the additional responsibilities that are now on your plate. This could lead to intense situations that leave you feeling absolutely awful.

Placing your relative in a memory care center is one way for you to do something helpful for both of you. The dementia patient will be getting the care they deserve while you are free to visit as much as possible without having to carry the load alone.

Memory care service professionals are empathetic to your situation. Set up a tour of a local facility today to see just how much they have to offer.

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22 July 2022

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