An Events Coordinator: An Important Role At An Assisted Living Facility


An events coordinator plays a vital role at an assisted living facility. They are responsible for planning and scheduling activities for the residents of a center. If this type of job appeals to you, use the following criteria to begin your journey to becoming a coordinator.

Educational Requirements

A degree in nursing or recreation therapy may be advantageous when applying for the position of events coordinator. An assisted living facility director may not require a degree, but having one will demonstrate your dedication to working with the elderly and physically or developmentally-challenged individuals. During your educational studies, you will learn how to care for facility residents and how to keep them engaged during social or independent activities.

A recreation therapy course will teach you about the fundamentals of planning activities that will be beneficial to the residents who reside in a facility. An events coordinator will need to be aware of each client's limitations. This will allow the coordinator to select activities that will stimulate the mind and body, without causing any stress or harm to a resident. Upon completing an educational program, you will receive a certificate that you can furnish during an interview at an assisted living facility.

Volunteer Work

Volunteering your services to the elderly or disabled will help you enhance your skills. If you have decided which assisted living facility you would like to apply to, you may want to reach out to the director of the facility and inquire about volunteer opportunities. Before you officially apply for a coordinator position, you may want to get a feel of how a facility is run and the kinds of services that are offered to residents. You will be able to form relationships with many of the residents when you are actively volunteering.

If there are many activities that are currently offered to the residents, you can observe how the residents interact with one another and the staff members. You may be able to conceptualize some ways to improve upon the activities that are currently being offered.

A facility director may allow you to prepare a guided activity that you can oversee. If you like to cook, you may want to prepare a cooking demonstration. If you like arts and crafts you may want to provide the residents with an introductory painting or drawing class. Once you have volunteered for a while, you may be ready to formally apply for the position of events coordinator.

Learn more about senior-assisted living facility careers by reaching out to a senior-assisted living center near you.


9 November 2022

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