Tips For Helping An Aging Parent Adjust To Adult Day Care


Adult day care can be a great thing for senior citizens and their adult children who are often their caregivers. It prevents grown children from having to place their parents in a full-time assisted living facility and allows them to go about their lives and careers. By watching adults for several hours each day, adult day care fulfills an essential role in society. Elderly people can get the most out of this new part of their lives when help is offered in the adjustment process. Make it pleasant and even fun for an aging parent in your care by taking positive, small actions throughout the transition.

Set Up a Fun Routine

Like young children, the elderly often thrive when there are steady schedules. When you establish a fun routine, the parent may very much look forward to adult day care even more than if you simply go there and back. Choose something special that you two can share together at the end of the day that the parent spends in adult day care. Make it something simple so that it's doable without becoming a burden. Some ideas are as follows:

  • Go out for yogurt and talk.
  • Have a picnic with a healthy snack.
  • Sit in the park for 30 minutes and talk.
  • Take a short drive to the parent's favorite places.
  • Play a board game on an outside picnic table.

If your parent is picky or struggling with losing control in some areas of life, let them choose among a few different daily activities, which still establishes a fun routine while giving them some measure of control over it.

Talk It Out

Be sure to let your parent know that you have chosen adult day care because it's in their best interests. Discuss all the fun possibilities and new joys that it will bring into their lives. Go over the activities that are planned at the daycare center and talk about the new friends that can be made. Welcome questions and try to answer them, then ask some of your own. Some open-ended questions you may have for the parent that can get them to open up include:

  • How are you feeling about this new part of your life?
  • What do you wish I knew about the changes that are taking place?
  • What do you hope stays the same in your life?
  • How can I make this easier on you?

Simply listening and encouraging the parent to open up can help alleviate anxiety for both of you.

Remind the Parent That You Care

If you are usually with your parent all the time because of the necessities of their care, the parent may at first feel a little bit weird being without you. Talk about why you have chosen adult day care and why you think it will benefit them. While you need to set whatever boundaries work for you and your life, let your parent know that you are there for them and eager to hear about any parts of their day they want to discuss.

Finally, keep in mind that some people will adjust within a week, while others need a bit more time. While your parent is getting used to what can be a really fun aspect of their life, extend even more patience than usual and work together to find solutions to small dilemmas that may come up along the way. You will set the tone with a positive attitude and a supportive demeanor. For more information, consult with care centers like Wellspring Meadows Assisted Living.


6 June 2016

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