Benefits Of Adult Day Care


An adult day care center is a place where caregivers can bring adults who can't safely be left alone and have them be properly cared for. As with day care centers for children, these centers fill the day with activities and serve meals, but some of these centers also provide at least a certain amount of medical care as well. There are a number of benefits for those who make use of an adult day care center.

A More Active Social Life

Elderly people may not be able to get out and participate in activities or visit friends and family as much as they would like. For example, they may no longer be able to drive or may have mobility issues that make this more difficult. Bringing them to an adult day care center means that they'll get the social interaction that will help keep their minds active and healthy.

Better Nutrition

As people get older, they tend to be less likely to eat properly. Eating isn't as pleasurable, as foods may not taste as strongly and they may not have all their teeth. It may seem like it isn't worth it to go to all the trouble to cook a full meal, and depression or other health problems may limit their appetites. This can lead to malnutrition. In fact, about 3.7 million elderly individuals in the U.S. are malnourished. Bringing a loved one to an adult day care center ensures that they'll get regular, nutritious meals and snacks during the day.

Peace of Mind

It can be hard to leave a loved one at home when you're not sure whether or not they'll be lonely, fix themselves meals or properly care for themselves. Having a loved one attend a day care center means that there isn't any need to worry that they're bored, lonely or likely to get in harm's way, making it easier to go about your necessary daily activities.

A Much Needed Break

It can be stressful and difficult to have to care for another person 24 hours per day, especially should they be starting to suffer from dementia or have a number of medical issues that need to be dealt with. Making use of a day care center gives caregivers a break to allow them to recharge and keep themselves healthy, making it easier to care for their loved one the rest of the time. You can't take care of someone else if you don't take care of yourself. Contact a business, such as the Chapin Home For The Aging, for more information.   


10 May 2016

Recognizing Great Nursing Home Amenities

When I started looking for a care center for my mother, I decided that I needed to learn a little more about nursing home amenities. I wanted her to be in a safe, happy, fun place, but I didn't know what to look for. To make my search easier, I picked up a piece of paper and a pen and started calling different facilities. I made a list of all of the exciting, new features that places were offering, and then I showed the list to my mom. I let her decide where to stay and what she wanted to do. This blog is all about recognizing great nursing home amenities, so that you can keep the people that you love happy and content.