An Events Coordinator: An Important Role At An Assisted Living Facility


An events coordinator plays a vital role at an assisted living facility. They are responsible for planning and scheduling activities for the residents of a center. If this type of job appeals to you, use the following criteria to begin your journey to becoming a coordinator. Educational Requirements A degree in nursing or recreation therapy may be advantageous when applying for the position of events coordinator. An assisted living facility director may not require a degree, but having one will demonstrate your dedication to working with the elderly and physically or developmentally-challenged individuals.

9 November 2022

Have A Loved One With Dementia? Two Reasons To Enlist Memory Care Services


Dementia is one of those crippling, degenerative ailments that can gradually cause a person you once felt like you knew to seem like a totally different individual. The abnormal brain changes that come along with dementia could lead to loss of memory and problem-solving abilities, two cognitive functions that assist with daily life. Watching a loved one suffer through such severe disease is often quite brutal, sometimes making you feel completely unable to be of assistance.

22 July 2022

How In-Home Care Can Benefit Your Elderly Loved One


Watching an elderly loved one experience declining health or mobility can be heart-wrenching. This is especially true for family members who have demanding careers or family situations that limit their ability to step in and provide help for a parent or grandparent who is struggling. If your family is currently looking for solutions to help provide care for an elderly loved one who is no longer able to handle some aspects of their daily life, it may be time to consider in-home personal care services.

29 April 2022

Hiring A Personal Caregiver For A Loved One Can Save Your Relationship


Many people find themselves caring for elderly or ill loved ones as the years go by. While it's something that many adult children feel like they have to do, caring for a loved one such as a parent or grandparent could end up creating a lot of strife between the two of you. This can end up being bad for both you and the person you're caring for. If you're taking it all on yourself, here's how bringing in outside help can mean saving your relationship.

15 December 2021

3 Tips For Choosing An Assisted Living Facility


While sending a loved one to an assisted living facility can be hard, it is often the best option. If you are finding it hard to take care of a loved one at home, an assisted living facility will be able to provide the services needed. However, finding the right fit when it comes to assisted living can be challenging. There's a lot to consider when selecting a facility, and not all options will be suitable for your loved one.

13 August 2021

Reasons For Moving Into An Assisted Living Facility


Do you need assisted living? Some individuals and families deal with this dilemma through avoidance until it becomes an emergency. It is helpful to have a broad view of the benefits of assisted living when making this decision. But more so, it is critical to know when assisted living is required. So, why move into an assisted living facility? Need for Professional Care The leading motive for transitioning from home care to assisted living is access to professional attendance.

12 May 2021

Aging Parents? What You Can Do To Help Smooth Out Their Transition


As your parents begin to grow older new needs can arise that may not have been there in the past. Health issues could be at the forefront as physical restrictions start to become a reality. Although your aging parents may never mention any problems to you there is a wealth of information out there which you can share with them to make them aware of options that they may not know about.

27 March 2019

Myths About Memory Diseases You May Need Dispelled


There are a variety of conditions that can have profound impacts on a person's mental health. Sadly, there is ample misinformation and misconceptions that are fairly common, which may impact your ability to make informed treatment decisions. Myth: Memory Diseases Only Impact The Elderly It is common for individuals to make the assumption that memory diseases are a problem that only impacts elderly people. While these conditions may be more common in elderly individuals, it is possible for middle-aged individuals to develop early-onset dementia and Alzheimer's.

20 January 2017

Refuting A Few Myths About Indepedent Living Facilities


Individuals that have started to develop mobility issues may find it difficult for them to live their normal lives. Sadly, this can potentially lead to a number of health and emotional problems for individuals. Luckily, there are independent living facilities that can be a perfect solution for allowing individuals that are suffering from these issues to live fulfilling lives. To help you evaluate this option, it will be necessary to have a few common myths refuted.

10 November 2016

FAQs About Protecting A Wandering Parent With Alzheimer's


One of the most frightening symptoms of Alzheimer's disease is wandering. It is not uncommon for people with the disease to randomly wander away from home and turn up blocks or miles away. If you are caring for a parent with Alzheimer's and concerned he or she might wander, here is what you need to know.  Why Does Your Parent Wander? Alzheimer's disease can affect your parent in a variety of ways.

26 July 2016