3 Tips For Choosing An Assisted Living Facility


While sending a loved one to an assisted living facility can be hard, it is often the best option. If you are finding it hard to take care of a loved one at home, an assisted living facility will be able to provide the services needed. However, finding the right fit when it comes to assisted living can be challenging. There's a lot to consider when selecting a facility, and not all options will be suitable for your loved one. Here are three tips that can help you find the right assisted living facility. 

Visit Facilities In Person

While online resources and pictures can tell you a lot about an assisted living facility, visiting in person is something you should do before committing to a facility. Pay attention to the details when touring a facility. Look for things like cleanliness, accessibility features, decor, and social spaces. If in-person tours are not available, virtual tours may be an option. Even a walk-through via video messaging can make choosing a facility much easier. 

Know What Services Are Necessary

When selecting a facility, make sure you pay attention to the services offered by the facilities on your shortlist. Most facilities offer help with daily activities, like dressing and bathing, exercise activities, housekeeping, laundry, dining services, and medication management. Additional services, like extra help for Alzheimer's and dementia patients, may be available depending on the facility. The services of the facility you choose should match up with your loved one's needs.

Consider Your Budget

Assisted living costs are also something to consider when making a decision. Often budget is a primary consideration when searching for assisted living. After all, these facilities can get rather pricey. The average cost of assisted living is $4,300 per month, but this can vary significantly depending on the facility. A few ways to pay for assisted living include selling your loved one's home, getting assistance from long-term health insurance if your loved one has a policy, and government programs. Paying out of pocket may also be an option for those who can afford it.

If you are looking into putting a loved one in assisted living, there are a few things to consider when selecting a facility. First, visiting facilities in person is a good idea if possible. This will give you a good look at how a facility operates. Second, make sure you choose a facility that offers the services your loved one requires. Finally, don't forget to keep your budget in mind when selecting an assisted living facility. 


13 August 2021

Recognizing Great Nursing Home Amenities

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