3 Ways To Provide Support For An Elderly Parent With Osteoporosis


If your elderly parent was diagnosed with osteoporosis, then you should look into available resources for this condition. Osteoporosis causes your bones to become brittle and weak. This condition affects 54 million Americans over the age of 50. It puts them at risk for a fracture that could decrease quality of life. Here three ways to support an elderly parent with osteoporosis.

Take Advantage of Home Care Services

In-home services provide customized services that allows a person with osteoporosis to live at home safely. A caregiver comes to your home and performs a variety of services. These services consist of bathing, grooming, mobility assistance, help with transferring and positioning, toileting, meal preparation, housekeeping, running errands, giving medication reminders and providing transportation.

Caregivers can also enhance your elderly parent's quality of life. These caregiving services provide opportunities for activities that engage seniors and offer meaningful conversations. The daily interaction improves senior lives emotionally, socially, mentally and physically.

You can support your loved one by finding a reputable company. When taking on a new client, the service sends someone to your home to assess your needs. This type of service creates a custom care plan. The plan changes as the needs of your elderly parent changes.

Discourage Your Elderly Parent From Taking Unnecessary Risks

Taking care of someone with osteoporosis is more involved than helping out with household chores. One of the main concerns is that someone with osteoporosis will fall and break a bone. Most seniors are independent and want to do things without assistance. However, it is not that simple for someone with osteoporosis.

A person with this condition can break bones doing regular activities. Giving your dog a bath can result in slipping on the wet floor and getting a broken hip. You can even break something bending to pick up a cup. For these reasons, family members have to provide support to their elderly parent along with the caregiver.  

You have to influence the judgment of your elderly parent. It is important to encourage your parent from taking unnecessary risks. If your parent has to walk with a walker or cane, then you should convince your loved one to use it. You also have to intervene when your parent is trying to do something dangerous.  

Make Sure Your Parent is Eating Properly

It is important for you to pay attention to your parent's overall nutrition and health. You want to make sure that your parent is eating properly. If your parent has a decreased appetite, then this could be an indicator of abdominal problems or difficulty swallowing. If your elderly parent is not eating properly, then his or her medication will not be as effective. A healthy diet helps your loved one to absorb the supplements into his or her body.

If you are caring for someone with osteoporosis, then you must constantly be on guard. Providing your parent with support allows him or her to live at home for as long as possible. Contact a company like Assured Healthcare for more information.


22 March 2016

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