3 Features To Look For In An Assisted Living Center If You Have Arthritis


If you suffer from arthritis and are having trouble living alone at home, moving to an assisted living facility could be highly beneficial. Assisted living facilities offer independence along with the necessary assistance for your situation. As you look for an assisted living facility to move to, look for one that offers the following benefits.

Healthy meals

Your weight, as well as the food you eat, can either help or hurt the symptoms you experience from arthritis. Any extra weight you carry around can place additional pressure on your joints, leaving you with even more pain and mobility issues. Many assisted living facilities offer special nutritional plans for people with arthritis. These plans are designed to help the residents control their weight and feel better by obtaining the right nutrition.

There are a number of different foods that are good to eat when you suffer from arthritis. The best types of foods to eat are those that help fight inflammation, and these can include fish, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. If you can keep the inflammation to a minimum, you may experience less pain and see an improvement in your mobility.

Physical activities

While you may not feel like completing physical activities if you have arthritis, they are actually just what you need. Performing easy types of exercises, such as lifting small weights or walking around, can help you with your symptoms. Swimming is another great activity that can offer excellent results for people with arthritis.

As you look for the right assisted living facility, find out what activities they offer. Do they have a pool? Do they have physical therapists on staff? These are a couple good questions to ask that may help you find the right center for your situation.

Activities to keep you busy

In addition, it may also be important to look for a center that offers other activities for the residents to do. Many centers schedule a variety of different activities residents can take part in each week. This can include making art projects, playing games, and going on day trips. While these activities may not directly help you with your arthritis pain and stiffness, they do offer a few secondary benefits:

  1. They keep you moving around. If you have things to do each day, there may be a better chance that you will walk more, and this could help you maintain your mobility.
  2. They keep your mind occupied. When your mind is occupied with the activities you are doing, it could help you temporarily forget about the pain you are feeling in your joints.

Arthritis can leave you sore and unable to get around as well as you would like, but you might be able to cope with your health issues easier if you moved to an assisted living facility. To learn more about this, contact a facility in your area today.


9 March 2016

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