Three Things To Watch For When Touring A Retirement Home


When you make the decision that you'd like to move to a retirement home in the near future, it's advantageous to spend some time researching homes around you and even talking to some of your peers who have already made the move. While this research is beneficial, there's nothing like actually visiting a few different retirement homes for a tour and a discussion with staff. Retirement communities commonly invite prospective residents to tour the facility, eat a meal with current residents and even take part in a group activity, if desired. From the start of your visit to its completion, be sure to watch for these three factors that can help you decide if the home is right for you.

Interactions Between Staff And Residents

One of the benefits of touring any retirement home is that doing so will give you a clear indication of the relationship between residents and staff; this is an important factor that you won't be able to evaluate without actually visiting. Look for people from both groups who are frequently smiling and listen for staff members warmly greeting residents by their first names. While it's ideal if the staff members appear busy, it's also important to see that they're making time to speak to residents. For example, if you visit during a busy lunch hour, it's ideal to see that the servers are still making time to chat with residents.

Overall Accessibility

Even if you're strong on your feet right now, there could come a time at which your mobility has declined. As such, it's important to evaluate the overall accessibility of the retirement home. Look for ramps anytime there is a change in elevation and make sure that ramps, hallways and other areas have handrails to provide support. When you visit a sample guest room, ensure that it's accessible enough to navigate with an assistive device such as a walker and look for grab bars in the bathroom.

Outdoor Areas

While your attention might primarily be on the inside of the retirement home, it's always important to walk through the outdoor area to gauge how it feels – especially if you're the type of person who enjoys spending time outside. There are several things to watch for – notice whether the grounds are meticulously cared for with accessible paths, multiple sitting areas and picturesque gardens. Also, take note of the feeling of safety you get outside; is the area adequately lit? Are there fences around the facility? Finally, keep an eye out for outdoor activity areas or attractions – for example, there might be a gazebo for outdoor entertainment or even a croquet area. Visit for more information.    


8 March 2016

Recognizing Great Nursing Home Amenities

When I started looking for a care center for my mother, I decided that I needed to learn a little more about nursing home amenities. I wanted her to be in a safe, happy, fun place, but I didn't know what to look for. To make my search easier, I picked up a piece of paper and a pen and started calling different facilities. I made a list of all of the exciting, new features that places were offering, and then I showed the list to my mom. I let her decide where to stay and what she wanted to do. This blog is all about recognizing great nursing home amenities, so that you can keep the people that you love happy and content.