Three Fears Of Assisted Living To Discuss With Your Loved One


When the time comes to start talking about assisted living with your loved one, you may find that he or she is less receptive than you expected. The transition into an assisted living facility can be an emotional one, and if your family member has some reservations, it can be difficult to talk about. Helping him or her to understand the facts about those fears may make the transition easier. Here are a few of the most common concerns expressed when considering assisted living.

Losing Independence and Control

For loved ones who are strong-willed and independent, assisted living represents a complete sacrifice of that independence. If your loved one is concerned about assisted living leading to a loss of control over their own life choices, spend some time exploring the options in the facility. Look for a property that still permits independence for those things that he or she can do with the flexibility to adjust the services as needed. And, explain to him or her that by moving into an assisted living community, it means having someone there to help with cooking, cleaning and other errands, which could ultimately lead to more free time to do independent things.

Surrendering to Age and Sickness

For some people, the thought of assisted living conjures images of people who are simply giving up on life and leaving themselves more vulnerable to illnesses. The reality of assisted living is that people with age-related illnesses like dementia and alzheimer's disease will have more support for stimulating brain development. The social environment helps people to feel younger and stay more engaged.

Being Forgotten

Sometimes, the fear of being moved into an assisted living facility and forgotten by family members is enough to push loved ones to refuse the transition. Take some time to plan some dinners, outings and visits with your loved one so that he or she knows that you're still going to come spend time. In addition, explain that he or she will have plenty of opportunities for other social interactions. The engaging environment often helps to ease the fears of being left alone.

These are a few of the common concerns that could be expressed by your loved one. Even if he or she isn't able to pinpoint the exact feelings, talking through these points may help you to ease the transition and help your family member to prepare for the move. Talk with a local assisted living coordinator for more help today. To learn more, contact an assisted living facility like Grace Assisted Living


1 March 2016

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